Postpartum Care Procedures

What services are provided?

Baby Care
Daily care, observation, baby development

Postpartum Care For The Mother
We prepare nutritional meal, give prolactin massage, look after mothers and babies’ daily activities. We also listen to needs of every postpartum mother and adjust the diet to cater to their taste. We assess the health condition of each mother and give nutritional advice. For new mothers, we also provide baby feeding and baby bathing lessons. We make sure mothers have sufficient rest and get professional child-rearing knowledge, skills, and guidance.

8 Hour Service

1. Go to the food market every morning for ingredients (flexible depending on the needs)
2. Disinfect the whole body and put on new work clothes upon arrival
3. Checking the to-do list and baby
4. Look after baby (feeding, diaper changing, utensil cleaning)
5. Prepare lunch, tea, and stew/soup

1. Mealtime for mothers and carers
2. Tableware cleaning and bottle cleaning and sterilising
3. Baby bath and massage time
4. Hand wash baby’s underclothes
5. Prepare afternoon tea and snacks

1. Assist the mother to prepare bathing items.
2. Prepare dinner
3. Prepare dinner meal and stew.
4.Clean the kitchen.

24 Hour Service

1. Check instructions and baby in the morning.
2. Prepare morning meals and tea.
3. Look after baby (feeding, diaper changing, utensil cleaning).
4. Buy ingredients.
5. Prepare lunch meals, tea, and stews/soups.

1. Mealtime for mothers and carers
2. Clean dishes and sterilize bottles
3. After settling the baby, take a short break.
4. Baby bathing and massage time
5. Hand wash baby’s clothes
6. Prepare afternoon tea and snacks.

1. Clean up the house
2. Help the mother to clean and bathe.
3. Prepare dinner.
4. Prepare soup for dinner.
5. Clean the kitchen.

1.Dinner time for mothers and carers
2. Clean and sterilize the dishes
3. Baby-sitting
4. Tidy up house.
5. Evening snack/tea.

20:30-08:30 (the next day)
1. Carer shower time
2. Baby-sitting
3. Rest with the baby (observe the baby before bedtime).
4.Bottle feeding at midnight (depending on the frequency of feeding).