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Healthy And Happy Babies, Satisfied Mothers

One Month Of Care, A Lifetime Of Health

Baby Love Postnatal Care Center focuses on pregnancy guidance, postpartum recuperation, and postpartum rehabilitation at the same time.
We have experts and nursing staff with rich clinical experiences in gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, psychology, and nutrition who have been serving more than 1000 families and having experience in special maternal and infant care. Our center provides 24-hour independent postpartum care services, taking care of you and your baby’s health thoroughly.

Plan A

One Bedroom

65 SQM

Plan B

One Bedroom

65 SQM

Plan C

One Bedroom
Premier With Balcony

75 SQM

Plan D

Two Bedroom

100 SQM

Plan E

Two Bedroom
Premier With Balcony

110 SQM

Services Included

24 hours Exclusive Postpartum Care Service

Professional Baby Care

Postpartum Recovery Meals

Mother And Baby Necessities

Roasted Rice Tea

Postnatal Shower Package

Parenting Knowledge Teaching

Daily Cleaning Services

Post-Pregnancy Body Massage

Postpartum Lacation Massage

Baby Massage

Maternity Photography

Newborn Photography

Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation

(Items not included in Package A)

Carvizero Postpartum Body Shape Recovery

90 Mins Facial

60 Mins Full Body Massage

Check-In Process

1. Submit Information

Provide the parents' name, expected date and phone number

2. Follow Up With A Specialist

Introduce the services and understand the needs of the expectant mother.

3. Appointment Visit

Confirm appointment date and time, meet at the hotel lobby, have a tour of the center.

4. Sign And Pay The Contract

After the package is confirmed, a contract will be arranged, and a deposit need to be paid within 48 hours after the contract is signed.

5. Receive Roasted Rice Tea​

Two weeks before the delivery, we will send out the roasted rice tea bags for hospital admission.

6. Balance Payment

One month before the delivery, you need to pay the balance.

7. Preparing For Admission

When you are admitted to the hospital, you need to inform the center of your discharge date and we will arrange for services to start soon.

8. Pick-up

A car will meet the mother and baby at the hospital and take them to the hotel.

9. Postnatal Care Services

A series of programs will be arranged for the mother and baby to participate in.

10. Sending Home

On the day of check-out, a car will pick up the mother and baby from the hotel and take them home.

11. Follow Up Service

We will follow up on the condition and health of the mother and baby after they leave the center.

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