Postnatal Care Service at Home

Professional Postpartum Service

One Month Of Care, A Lifetime Of Health

The first month after delivery is commonly known as the month of confinement. During this period, new mothers need to take special care of their bodies and get enough rest. A professional and reliable carer at home will support your recovery and provide you the best support, companionship, and care.

Lack of postpartum care after giving birth can cause certain sickness, which can affect the body for a long time.

Therefore, new mothers should not miss out this great opportunity to take care of their bodies.
Our company has over 300 licensed postpartum carers with more than 5 years of experience.

We provide regular courses to our staff to help them improve their skills in caring and cooking and better look after mothers and babies.

Baby Love Service

Prenatal Consultations

♥Pregnancy Guidance
♥Shopping List For Postnatal Care
♥Confinement Package list
♥Roasted Rice Tea And Confinement Bathing Kit Upon Admission

Postpartum Counseling

♥Get Ready For The New Baby
♥ Relieving Parental Stress
♥ Guiding Parents On Baby Care
♥ Sharing Iformation On Baby Care

Dietary Supplements

♥ Daily Nutritional Tea Supplement
♥ Confinement Catering
♥ Herbal Soup
♥ Stew That Suits You

Professional Assistance

♥ Pediatrician Consultation
♥ Chinese Medicine Clinic
♥ Early Childhood Education Consultant
♥ Maternal and infant Insurance Consultant

Postnatal Care Helper Service

The Company Follows Up On The Whole Process

Pre-natal preparation

♥Preparation Of Ginger Vinegar And Roasted Rice Tea
♥Selecting Baby Products
♥Purchase Herbs And Supplements
♥Home Visit To Check Supplies


♥Wet-nursing Or Bottle Feeding And Cleaning
♥Bathing And Changing Diapers
♥Umbilical Cord Care
♥Laundry With Hand Wash

Looking After Mother

♥Prolactin Massage
♥Dietary Supplementation
♥Confinement Meal
♥Belly Binding And Body Shaping

Breastfeeding Guidance

♥Painless Lactation
♥Breastfeeding Positioning
♥Solving Breast Blockage